Waratah Drawing

I have recently just finished a pen & ink drawing of a Waratah – Telopia speciosissima. Waratahs are a favourite wildflower of mine especially as I grew up in Sydney & remember the thrill of coming across one unexpectedly when I was roaming around in the bushland near my childhood home. I use a fine… Continue Reading →

Pacific Black Duck – drawing

The Pacific Black Duck is found in most areas of Australia – it’s call can be heard on this website. I love the teal green patch on it’s wing – gives it quite a splash of panash!! I have just completed this drawing/illustration of a Pacific Wood Duck. The drawing is done with a fine… Continue Reading →

Kookaburra Illustration Drawing

I have just finished this drawing of a Kookaburra. Again it is drawn using light washed of watercolour and many many dots made with a fine nib rotring pen. It is a drawing I started last year and is part of my mission to complete unfinished projects. I am still carving one of the unfinished… Continue Reading →

HSC Major Works from long ago…Drawings…Illustration

A  blast from the past – whilst cleaning up today I came across all my old HSC Drawing Major Works from *cough* years ago…(1981). They are a mixture of watercolour pencils, coloured pencil and (rotring) pen and ink. I must say looking back some were more successful than others…

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