Wedgetail Eagles

On the way home from the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House on Sunday on one of the back roads we were amazed to see 4 large Wedgetail Eagles – Aquila audax. They were down on and beside the road – of course we had to pull over (again the husband mumbling about obsessive tendencies!). To see… Continue Reading →

Australian Butterflies

Lemon Migrant (Catopsilia pomona) Some more Australian butterflies from the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. Cruiser (Vindula arsinoe) Lurcher (Yoma sabina) Orange Lacewing (Cethosia penthesilea) Common Crow (Euploea core) Varied Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina) Orchard Swallowtail (Papilio aegeus)

Butterflies – Cairns Birdwing Butterflies

We visited Coffs Harbour Butterfly House yesterday. There were lots of wonderful Cairns Birdwing Butterflies – Ornithoptera priamus – fluttering by… they are such beautiful large butterflies. They are closely related to the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

The Moth and Me #1

Just a quick mention and thankyou to NAMBI – North American Moths Backyard Inventory – where the first new Blog carnival devoted to moths – The Moth and Me – can be found. They have kindly mentioned my posts about the Hercules Moth from a few weeks back and the Hawk Moth found locally. They… Continue Reading →

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