Autumn & Banksias

I love Autumn. That change in the air from the humidity in Northern NSW to the ever so slight chill and ‘freshness’ of a new season. It is my favourite time of year with mild days of sunshine (and currently almost daily showers of rain in this 2012 Autumn) and the shorter days leading into… Continue Reading →

Three new small linocuts for 2012

Well I have managed to get three small linocut designs carved, printed & handcoloured. Banksia Square is a small 15 x 15 cm handcoloured linocut of the Coastal Banksia – Banksia integrifolia. Flannel Flowers Square – again a 15 x 15 cm handcoloured linocut of the ever gorgeous flannel flowers – Actinotus helianthii. Powderpuff Lillypilly… Continue Reading →

Look Out – new ‘look’ Studio Diary coming your way!!

I have decided that I am going to finally change the Wordpress theme for this Studio Diary.

Am just browsing the themes – so look out!!


All the content will be the same, they layout will be different & hopefully it will all be done by the end of the weekend.


This is what happens when you can’t carve for a few days – hopefully though the shoulder pain & neck pain will be a whole lot better. I have so many designs that over the past couple of years I have struggled to try to carve that hopefully I will now be able to finish. So look out for all those new designs and some posters too!!

In the meantime check out my new websites.

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