Brisbane Lily for Christmas

These gorgeous Brisbane lilies are now flowering in my garden. They have these lovely white flowers on long stems coming from broad green earthbound leaves. Their latin name is Proiphys cunninghamii. We have some really hot days with hot winds so they have flowered quickly and are already moving onto seed. With all the comings… Continue Reading →

Brisbane Lily

One of the loveliest small flowers I have in my garden is the Brisbane Lily – Proiphys cunninghamii. Every year around Christmas these beautiful delicate white flowers emerge from the ground. They develop as a group of buds that slowly evolve into flowers from a green stalk about 30cm high. They also have wonderful ‘earthbound’… Continue Reading →

Everything’s coming up Lillies

Well I was planning to visit the Tawny Frogmouths & babies today but after thinking ‘I’ll just have a little lay down first’ I woke up an hour later! So instead I have taken some photos in my garden this afternoon. I have a few variety of native lillies and three of them are currently… Continue Reading →

Autumn Native Berries

I have some lovely Australian native berries in my garden at the moment – they are all rainforest species. The orange one on the left are Brisbane Lily seeds and below are Australian cordyline berries. All are indigenous to northern NSW Southern Queensland. The green and deep blue are Native Ginger berries and the lovely… Continue Reading →

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