Richmond Birdwing Butterfly – Female

In our garden late yesterday afternoon my son found a female Richmond Birdwing Butterfly on the ground. We attempted to place it on the Aristolochia praevenosa vine but she was very “fluttery” with her wings never stopping even when she landed. She fluttered off in the direction of my other fenceline full of the “Birdwing… Continue Reading →

An Artists Garden

It has been way too long since I posted here! I have been using Instagram with short posts which I guess is efficient time wise but it does have it limitations. So I though I’d do an update post of some of the native plants that are currently flowering in my garden. This is a… Continue Reading →

Ringtail Possum Nest

We have been busy trying to get our trees under control in our suburban block. It has been a very long time since we tackled this and the trees have got to the stage where we needed to bring them down to a level where we can get some sunlight into the house/yard. There are… Continue Reading →

Butterflies and Habitats

      There is a direct relationship between the decline of the local Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and loss of local rainforest habitat. The butterfly is dependent on the rainforest vine – Aristolochia praevenosa. The birdwing caterpillars only food source is this particular vine. With the loss of the ecosystems that supported this vine so has… Continue Reading →

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