Banksia robur

Another banksia currently flowering in my garden is the Banksia robur. Banksia robur is an open smaller tree with large dramatic serrated leaves and the most wonderful flowers. These start as tight cones and then turn an iridescent green before ending up as open cream cones before turning to the brown seed pods. The flower… Continue Reading →

Autumn & Banksias

I love Autumn. That change in the air from the humidity in Northern NSW to the ever so slight chill and ‘freshness’ of a new season. It is my favourite time of year with mild days of sunshine (and currently almost daily showers of rain in this 2012 Autumn) and the shorter days leading into… Continue Reading →

An Artists Garden

It has been way too long since I posted here! I have been using Instagram with short posts which I guess is efficient time wise but it does have it limitations. So I though I’d do an update post of some of the native plants that are currently flowering in my garden. This is a… Continue Reading →

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